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I just realized I’m the only one who can’t make out what the other person is saying in a loud restaurant!

I always thought everyone couldn’t really hear each other, but two days in a row with over 20 people, I noticed that 100% everyone else can hear and respond just fine, except for me. No matter how hard I tried to make out the words, I couldn’t even though I can hear the sounds pretty loudly. Looked it up and something called Auditory processing disorder is linked with Aspergers. Boo.

Being transgendered

There are a few patterns of gender/sexuality that I identify with time to time, the most frequent being an effeminate bisexual man trapped in a ftm lesbian woman’s body. Which ends up making no sense to me once I try thinking about it. Today is one of those days.

Finally saw Blue is the Warmest Color. It was very different from what I expected. I usually don’t enjoy films about minorities because they are too political (I love politics but not so much in your face using art). In Blue though the main theme kept its focus on the relationship between the two characters, and their relationship was very raw and intimate in a way you can only experience with a lover. I also really enjoyed the subplots about class differences and also about how much the environment can affect everything about you.


Return to Sender is a funny photo series by photographer Tommy Kha that takes a unique approach to self-portraiture. Rather than taking a straight-forward image of himself, the Memphis-based photographer presents himself engaged in a one-sided kiss with dozens of strangers in various locales. Funny enough, it’s the other person in each shot that is fully committed to the smooch as Kha stands motionless.

When approaching strangers to be his potential partner, Kha simply has one direction for them: “They can kiss me however they want but they have to kiss me on the lips.” No matter how they choose to go about it, Kha’s reaction is consistent. The stoic photographer’s unresponsive facial expression and body language stands out in each shot, making for a hilariously awkward collection of photos.

Shot after shot, he continues to lock lips with passionate partners, yet he impressively displays no sign of pleasure, disgust, or any other possible reaction. Instead, he opts to remain unaffected by their advances, even if they choose to carry him in their arms or dip him as a romantic gesture. via [Beautiful Decay]